Puleng Sekabate
2 minute read
28 Apr 2018
10:24 am

Heap of rotten bones health hazard found in Pomona

Puleng Sekabate

As you get closer to the bones, and if you can brave the smell, you start to hear the buzzing sounds of flies.

Ward councillor Pieter Henning next to a heap of bones that were illegally dumped in an open space in Pomona.

A heap of what looks like animal bones were found dumped in an open veld along First Avenue in Pomona in Ekurhuleni, the Kempton Express reports.

It is unclear when the bones were dumped but the matter was reported to ward councillor Pieter Henning on April 21.

“The bones were discovered by a security officer. He told a community member who then reported the matter to me,” said Henning.

“I drove to the site and found the bones. I reported the matter to the department of environmental affairs. They said a solid waste team would be sent out to remove the bones because we can’t leave it there. This is an environmental disaster.”

A tyre trail that starts at the tarred road leads one to the bones in the field. One can also see that the trail stops roughly three metres away from the bones. The trail could possibly be from the vehicle that was used to dump the waste.

As you get closer to the bones, and if you can brave the smell, you start to hear the buzzing sounds of flies and other insects flying around the pieces of already rotten meat left on the bones.

It is unclear from what animals the bones are but Henning said the dumping was a serious cause for concern.

“The community needs to be on the lookout for such things. If anybody sees people illegally dumping they must report it to the security companies in the area. Even if they don’t catch these people they should try to get the registration number of the vehicles. We can pick up who the vehicle belongs to,” explained Henning.

“It has happened before where people took a photo of the registration number of a vehicle used during an illegal dumping incident. They took it to the EMPD and the owner was called to return to the site and clean up the mess.

“This is unacceptable. People need to be aware of any suspicious-looking vehicles and report it because if the department of environmental affairs finds the illegal dumpers they will issue them a R1 000 fine. Illegal dumping of solid waste is a R2 000 fine.”

Henning explained that it was not about the fines but rather the health risks.

“Who knows what kind of sicknesses could be lying there? It is an open space and poses a huge health risk.

“This is not the first time something like this has happened. Unfortunately, with open spaces, you always have those opportunistic individuals. We don’t encourage residents to confront the illegal dumpers for safety reasons, but if possible, try to take a photo as it will help track them down.”