Mpofu roasted for quoting Biblical figure of evil

After the EFF's national chairperson quoted Cain, Twitter pointed out that someone who murdered his brother is not an ideal role model.

If you’re going to quote the Bible in an attempt to distance yourself from corruption allegations, it’s probably best not to choose to quote Cain, who murdered his brother and is known by those familiar with the Old Testament as a symbol of evil.

At least this seems to be the feedback on Twitter, after EFF National Chairperson Dali Mpofu quoted Genesis 4, Verse 9: “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

The advocate and top 5 EFF member was presumably referring to allegations that Brian Shivambu, Floyd’s brother, had received more than R16 million from VBS Bank amid the looting of the bank exposed in a report commissioned by Treasury that was released on Wednesday.

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While at the time only Shivambu’s brother was implicated, a Daily Maverick report has since alleged that Shivambu himself may have received as much as R10 million and that the EFF had received R1.3 million.

At the time of Mpofu’s tweet, though, only Brian Shivambu was alleged to be involved, and the advocate was apparently making a point regarding the fact that we cannot be held to account for the actions of our siblings by quoting the Bible verse.

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The always unforgiving platform of Twitter, though, was quick to point out that Cain is not exactly the most reputable figure in the Bible.

“Cain said this after he killed his brother,” tweeted one user complete with a drawing of a woman facepalming and declaring SMH (Shake My Head).

“Cain was guilty, does that mean Floyd is guilty as well?” asked another user.

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Another said Cain was “lying and deflecting to hide what he had done. So you have inadvertently chosen the perfect quote. Well done,” he added.

And yet another user declared “Cain and Floyd” to be on the “same Whatsapp group.”

These are just a few of the comments Mpofu’s tweet was met with.

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