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Edward Zuma says he noticed no ‘misbehaviour’ at Nkandla

President Zuma's son is a candidate for chairman of his home town's ANC branch, with reports the elective meeting descended into chaos.

While reports suggested that chaos erupted at a disrupted meeting held to elect members to leadership positions at an ANC Nkandla branch meeting, Edward Zuma has denied this, issuing a statement that matters were in fact handled smoothly.

Edward was standing against Doctor Bhengu for the position of chairman. However, the meeting ended when the two camps supporting each candidate began singing derogatory songs. This led to the collapse of the meeting.

“I would wish to dispel any and deny any involvement of myself in causing any harm to the African National Congress and further affirm my unwavering commitment to the cause of this glorious movement.

“As far as I am concerned there was never any person that misbehaved during the said meeting but a normal process was unfolding,” he said.

He did admit that a formal complaint about the meeting’s affairs had been laid with the ANC and that process should be respected and “allowed to unfold”.



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