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20 Sep 2021
6:30 am

When mothers turn into killers – Some believe they’re killing children ‘out of love’

Citizen Reporter

Early warning signs for filicide are mothers who have had frequent depression, psychosis, and suicidal thoughts.

The Dickason family in happier times. Picture: Facebook

I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I killed them,” depressed mother Tania Clarence repeatedly told police officers when they arrived at her house in Thetford Road, New Malden, south-west London, over the Easter weekend in 2014. The horror of what they found in the well-to-do house unfolded in court over the next year: “She smothered the boys first while they were sleeping using a nappy so they would not smell her,” prosecutor Zoe Johnson told the court. “Little cars and toys had been placed by their heads. The covers were neatly tucked in…” Husband Gary, an investment banker, had taken their eight-year-old...