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‘Together we can ensure state capture never happens again’ – Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa reiterated his “significant duty” to submit to Parliament government’s response to the recommendations into State Capture.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has called on South Africans to examine their values and beliefs, and the motives of others following the state capture era.

Ramaphosa on Monday reiterated his “significant duty” to submit to Parliament government’s response to the findings and recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture.

He was addressing the nation in his weekly newsletter “From the Desk of the President”, a day after he called a family meeting to reassure South Africans about the end of state capture and the restoration of the country after the scourge.


While, Ramaphosa shared his recommendations to the nation, sporadic acts of corruption continue with the country’s courts brimming with cases against the alleged perpetrators.

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Ramaphosa said, “Over the coming days and weeks, from hashtags to homes to the halls of Parliament, South Africans from all walks of life will be debating government’s response to the findings and recommendations of the State Capture Commission”.

“During four years of public hearings, our nation was saddened, outraged and left in disbelief by testimony of how a criminal network in government, public institutions and private companies had raided state coffers and vandalised institutions of our democracy.

“The reactions of the overwhelming majority of South Africans highlighted the nation’s disdain for corruption and our determination that corruption and unethical corporate or public management will not be allowed to define us as a nation,” Ramaphosa said.


Ramaphosa said South Africans need to reflect on their values.  

“While we prosecute state capture suspects and recover stolen funds, what is required on the part of all South Africans is our conscious, daily examination of our own values, beliefs and behaviours and the motives and actions of others.”

He added that following the submission of his response to the State Capture Commission, government is poised to work with social partners and communities which will be passed on from generation to generation into our future.


“We have made great progress in the fight against state capture, all due to the efforts of the people of South Africa.”

“The path ahead will be challenging, but if we work together in implementing the recommendations of the State Capture Commission, we will succeed in building the society and the state that we want,” Ramaphosa said.

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