Vytjie Mentor gets heart palpitations from seeing minister’s ‘artificially enlarged penis’ in chat

The former ANC MP has had many asking her to share the evidence, but so far she's keeping it to herself.

Former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor, known for being one of the primary whistleblowers on alleged Gupta state capture, had social media’s eyebrows raised on Saturday.

She wrote: “I am very angry! My heart is pulpitating [sic] badly!”

Mentor said she had received a “screen-grap” of a conversation that was allegedly “(and appears to be) of a Cabinet Minister with a 16-year-old wherein he sent the girl his [artificially] enlarged penis”.

She claimed the supposed conversation occurred in 2017.

“It’s reported the parents did the screen-grap [sic] from their daughter and then confiscated her phone. The poor child was reportedly infected…”

The post left people on Twitter such as the anonymous “king of black Twitter” @AdvBarryRoux, confused.


Others were not convinced by Mentor.


On her post, Mentor’s followers asked her to share the screen-grab, but nothing was forthcoming.

Earlier, she bizarrely blamed Facebook for her erratic spelling and grammar.

Her followers also took her to task for sharing a completely ridiculous news story about an airliner supposedly dumping a huge amount of human waste on to a cruise ship.

Her more loyal followers begged her to delete the post since they felt it damaged her credibility.

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