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Well-loved Lowveld man dies fighting intruders with bare hands

The shooting of the well-known businessman has shocked the Lowveld. He was the owner of Bozz Construction, the Lowvelder reports.

He is survived by his wife of 36 years, Leigh, and their sons, Steven (29) and Dylan (27).

“He was a proud man,” Steven said. “He was dedicated to ethics and morals, sometimes to his own detriment.

“We believed he was invincible, and I think to a certain extent he did too.

“He was a philosophical man, a loving person. He had a great sense of humour. Sometimes people would cry from laughter 10 minutes later because they only got the joke then.”

John was shot and killed in his home on Tuesday at around 10pm.

According to Bossies Community Justice’s Albert Gryvenstein, he was watching television in the lounge and Leigh was going to bed when three men walked in.

“He had left the doors open due to the heat when three armed men entered his house. Many people do this due to the weather, but criminals take advantage of it,” Gryvenstein added.

Steven said his father told them to leave, “not in a polite way, probably” and warned Leigh to lock the bedroom door.

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According to police spokesman Capt Zandile Gqawa, she hit the panic button straight away.

Steven said the men pulled out a knife and a gun and a scuffle ensued. Apparently it was visible from the scene that there had been a serious fight.

“Two shots went off. One hit him in the chest. There were knife marks on his hands and arms. It was definitely quite a fight.

“They tried to go for my mom, but she had already pushed the panic button and Hi-Tech Security were there within seven minutes. They were fantastic.”

The men took a key and were in the process of trying to steal a car when the security officers arrived. They abandoned their loot and fled.

Hi-Tech Security’s Lowveld operation manager Callum MacPherson said their armed response disturbed the suspects.

“A television taken from the house was found in the nearby bush.”

John was declared dead on the scene.

Steven said it seemed that the attackers only made off with a cellphone or two.

“We had just done the upgrade. They hadn’t even been taken out of their boxes.”

Gryvenstein also responded to the scene to assist in preserving it and help search for the suspects.

“I believe it was due to Hi-Tech Security officer Callen Herbst’s swift response that the suspects did not harm John’s wife.”

John was widely known as an outgoing, fun person who loved his family, friends, music and rugby.

John Sands, who had known John and had done business with him since 1994, said he was a fantastic and decent man.

“I cannot believe this happened to such a nice man. He was an honest businessman. He was kind and always a gentleman to everyone he met.”

Lowvelder understands that there was a theft on the Bosmans’ property a week before the incident.

Thieves dug under the electric fence and managed to get hold of a gate remote and stole a vehicle belonging to one of the people residing in a cottage on the property.

Arrangements for his funeral had not been made at the time of going to press.

No arrests had yet been made.

Anyone with information that may lead to the arrests of the perpetrators can contact Detective Colonel Ernest Maoka on 013-759-1108. Alternatively, please contact Gryvenstein on 082-567-5212.

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