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“The kids could not jump out the car fast enough” Moms share how back-to-school went for kids in nursery school

It was excitement all around for the little ones.

The reopening of nursery schools is a big blessing for some parents, while others are still a bit anxious, choosing to rather keep their kids at home for the rest of the year.

Nursery school teacher and mom of 2, Ethel Swanepoel commented on our article This is what ECD Centres and day care facilities will look like when they reopenshe can’t see that any parent would want to put their child through something like that. But, if you have to work, it’s completely understandable, but she would rather get someone to look after her child at home where they can at least play.

Kim Nel said her child’s school won’t even allow them to play outside. “They must sit alone at a table and play by themselves for 6-10 hours with no outside play.”

Natalie Holder said she doesn’t think kids should go back to school until after the winter.

But what is a parent to do when they don’t have the financial resources for a nanny and they simply have to go back to work? Kids have to go back to day care…

We spoke to two moms to find out what their kids’ first day back at nursery school was like.

The twins are back at nursery school!

Mom to an 8-year-old and 2-year-old twins, Liezel Prinsloo says she was fortunate during lockdown as her sister is a teacher at the same school, Kleine Engeltjies Kleuterskool in Krugersdorp, where the twins are. “I was fortunate that she could come to my house each day and take care of the children while the schools were closed.”

Liezel says she was very happy when she heard nursery schools could reopen. “The twins have been cooped up at home since the lockdown started and it was really breaking them down. Going back to school and getting out of the house will be so good for them. A teeny bit of normality back in their lives.”

First day back at nursery school

Hailey and Zander

That said, she says a part of her is still nervous about her kids being back at school as she feels she now has no control over their safety.

No drop off blues for the twins

“The first day drop off was so much fun. The twins couldn’t get out of the car fast enough. They were extremely excited and were screaming and laughing. They had a blast their first day back and for the first time in months they were actually tired when it came to bed time,” says Liezel.

Safety procedure

“When we arrive at the school, there are marked areas where we can stand and queue to keep a safe distance. When we reach the front door, there is a sanitising sponge pad on the floor the kids stand on to sanitise their shoes before going into the school. No parents are allowed into the school. After their shoes are sanitised,  they enter the school where a teacher meets them and takes their temperature before going into the classroom There’s also a form I have to fill in with details like who dropped off the kids, how is everyone feeling, was anyone in contact with someone who has tested positive with Covid-19 and so on,” explains Liezel.

Hailey wearing her face shield

Hailey wearing her face shield

Masks on or off?

Liezel says the twins are not required to wear masks yet, but if they want to keep their shields on at school, they can. She adds that kids from the age of 3 and older are, however, required to wear their masks the whole time at their school.


Zander drawing in his classroom at Kleine Engeltjies Kleuterskool in Krugersdorp

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I can finally go back to work

Mom, Bronwynne Fuller says she had to stop working to look after her 3-year-old son, Nicholas during lockdown. She says she was delighted when he could go back to his nursery school, Kleine Engeltjies, in Krugersdorp because he kept asking for his teacher.

Bronwynne says she wasn’t nervous about sending Nicholas back to day care because the school did everything to ensure it’s safe for little ones to return.

Nicholas in his element to be back at school

“The drop off on the first morning went well,” she says, adding that Nicholas thoroughly enjoyed his first day back. “He was so tired – they kept him nice and busy.”

Bronwynne says while Nicholas is comfortable wearing his face shield, it does still irritate him at times.

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