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Up close with Dodgy Uncle Rodgy

His easy going nature and daring approach to radio, keeps listeners coming back for more.

Giving a whole new meaning to the term “unconventional,” the self proclaimed “computer nerd” 5FM’s Roger Goode spread his “Goode” vibes to the North Coast when he visited Hotshots in Tongaat and Suncoast Casino for a gig on Saturday night.

The DJ who calls himself, “Dodgy uncle Rodgy” hosts the weekday drive from 4pm to 7pm on 5FM. His easy going nature and daring approach to radio, keeps listeners coming back for more.

The North Coast Courier managed to gap in an interview before his performance.

I had imagined a quick, sit-down chat. Little did I know what I was in for.

Goode bounced in, greeting everyone on his way to our table. I heard him before I saw him. With the intention of shaking his hand, I stood up – only to be embraced in a bear hug with Goode apologising for being late.

“You see, I would have been later than this. I wanted to trim my beard but I decided not to because then I would have missed my flight and then I would have been so late for this interview.”

It did not take me long to realise that this was not going to the average interview. I put away my list of questions and let him speak about his experience in radio, how it started and where he could see it ending.

“When I was in school, I was always thinking out of the box and I could not focus. I was already thinking of ways to make money. I was always passionate about music and started to DJ around 2002.”

Lounging across our booth, the colourful character touched on tips for aspiring DJs.

“Not many people make it in this industry and some who do, don’t stay in it. The trick is not to spread yourself too thin. There needs to be focus.”

Goode said he is always expecting change and that his show has not been affected by the SABC’s decision to use 90 per cent local content.

“Local is not always bad, in fact, I think that it is an amazing platform to showcase local talent. South African’s are stuck in this rock music phase, and it all sounds the same. There is a gap for pop music. The cheesy Katy Perry stuff. We need a South African Katy Perry.”

Having been the subject of many interviews, I asked Goode to tell me what I do not already know from doing a simple internet search.

“I have a Teddy on my bed called James that I have had it since I was young. I’m just a normal boy. I like quality. I like cars. I do not like mornings and I am grumpy on a Monday.”

Contrary to popular belief, the DJ who mixes at clubs almost every weekend prefers to spend his time reading Sci-Fi books and watching well directed movies.

“When I am out doing gigs, I miss home a lot actually. I am also obsessed with movie directors. If I were not a DJ, I would be a directer or an actor.”

He is a private person who is careful about how much he shares on social media.

“I cannot get the gist of all this hashtags and twitter business. I honestly hate it when people constantly post every detail of their lives on Facebook.”

Goode said Durban is one his favourite places to perform.

“Durban is the clubbing capital. You guys do not know how good you have it here. It always looks like a tropical paradise.”

Before I knew it the interview morphed into a crazy ride around the casino with Goode screaming his well known phrase “boomshakalaka!” making us the subject of many confused stares.

The hyper Goode served unexpected patrons at the restaurant, took over the bar to make his own milkshakes and sparked conversation with nearly everyone in sight.

“I am ready to go. I am ready to DJ. There’s still time. Let’s play games? No, lets have coffee?” he contemplated.

Goode described his show as being similar to his personality, “addictive and fun.” Well, I couldn’t agree more.


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