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Missing 21-month-old toddler found alive in bush

Faint cries alerted a passing resident to his whereabouts.

In a heartwarming turn of events, the missing 21-month-old Etete toddler, Mvelo Mangomba, has been found alive and safe this morning.

He was discovered by an Etete resident, Mzwakhe Shabane, who heard the faint cries of a child in the bush while he was walking home from work.

Shabane called on other residents to help him search the surrounding area and they soon found the little boy approximately one kilometre from his home.

He had been reported missing on Monday at around 4pm, sparking an intense search and rescue operation.

Etete residents gathered to help search for Mvelo.

No trace of Mvelo was found on Monday night and Tuesday, and the search resumed this morning by Saps’ K9 unit and the IPSS Search and Rescue division.

A thermal drone piloted by PACSys was also deployed.

Dylan Meyrick of IPSS Medical Rescue said Mvelo was in a critical condition. He was stabilised before being transported to a hospital.


The boy’s survival was nothing short of a miracle, leaving the community grateful for his safe return.

Other than expressing their relief that Mvelo was found alive, his parents reserved comment about the circumstances and speculation of his disappearance until later.

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