Light the way with new solar security lights

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With the increasing crime rate, there is a growing concern for security in the country. Security products are in high demand and security lighting has become a must-have installation for any well-secured residential home or commercial property. The Lighting Warehouse is an American professional solar security lightening system that was recently launched in South Africa which offers a variety of security lighting. They have a variety of lighting models to meet your security needs.

Some of the advantages of security lighting:

  • No electrical wiring is required, making installation very quick, easy and affordable.

  • You can also count on lower electricity bills, as the sun provides the energy required free of charge.
  • Maintenance requirements are comparatively low due to the lack of wiring and fewer fixtures.
  • Lack of wiring also increases the versatility of solar security lights. You can install the lights just about anywhere in your garden, as long as the panels are positioned to get maximum exposure to the sun.
  • As a renewable resource, solar power is a far more eco-friendly choice than lighting that runs on the traditional power grid.
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