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Crowned eagle rescued from muti killing

The community reportedly attacked the bird after it had killed several pets and monkeys.

AUTHORITIES have rescued a protected Crowned eagle on Monday after a community, about 10 kilomitres outside of uMhlanga, reportedly tried to kill the bird after it had preyed on several cats and monkeys in the area.

One of the local residents had contacted the Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) appealing for assistance, claiming that the local community saw the animal as a nuisance and planned to use its claws for traditional medicine.

Once rescued, the bird of prey, which had been badly injured, was handed over to the Natal Falcon Association (NFA).

Paul Padbury, of the NFA, said that the Crowned eagle is considered to be a threatened and protected species (TOPS), which means that it is illegal to harm or interfere with the animal without a permit.

“The bird was ringed and through the data on the tag we were able to determine that it hatched in Zimbali. It is not uncommon for these birds to travel along the coast in search of its own territory,” he explained.

Padbury confirmed that the bird was on its way to a vet, where it would be treated. He said the Raptor rescue organisation would rehabilitate the bird and once deemed strong enough released into the wild.

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