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Ryde Place condition deteriorates

One particular section on the narrow road is now so bad that motorists cannot drive abreast of each other.

RYDE Place has always been synonymous with illegal dumping but the road in Glenhills is now facing another problem, crumbling infrastructure. The heavy rains, which cost millions of Rands of damage to properties and roads around the province, also wrought havoc on Ryde Place.

One particular section on the narrow road is now so bad that motorists cannot drive abreast of each other. A section of the road next to the Redhill Cemetery fence has begun to collapse forcing drivers to drive in the middle of the road.

What makes the matter worse is the heavy rains triggered a mudslide causing a few trees and soil washing out onto the road, exactly opposite where the road has begun to wash away.

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Robin Candy, who is part of the Glenhills Ratepayers Association expressed his unhappiness over the state of the road.

“We are not happy with the condition of the road which has not been maintained for decades. It is too narrow and is falling apart especially after the recent heavy rain falls causing soil erosion which washed away a section of the side of the road on the cemetery side. Falling trees and vegetation often fall into the road blocking one lane. What is worse is the authorities take weeks to remove fallen trees. Our rates are definitely not being spent on maintaining our infrastructure,” he said.

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said she was concerned the damaged section may entirely collapse.

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“The problem is Ryde Place is used often by residents either accessing the Malacca Road dump or to get to interlinking roads. The tar and the sand underneath it keeping falling apart the more I see and I fear eventually that section will collapse. I hope the City would consider closing the road until repairs were completed,” she said.


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