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Sea Cow Lake, Kenville businesses feel brunt of unrest and arson

Extensive damage was caused to more than 160 malls and shopping centres, 11 warehouses and more than 160 liquor outlets and distributors.

A LOCAL businessman has opened up about the damage caused to his property following the social unrest and widespread looting which took place across parts of Durban.

According to the National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (NatJOINTS), extensive damage was caused to more than 160 malls and shopping centres, 11 warehouses and more than 160 liquor outlets and distributors.

The owner of the furniture warehouse, who didn’t want to be named, said he lost R9-million in stock in the unrest.

“Initially it was the road freight industry targeted but protest action intensified and several shops in the area were targeted including my furniture warehouse. They bent back the rolling shutter doors and began looting whatever they could carry. When that wasn’t possible, the space was set alight. I estimate that we lost about R9-million in stock and the warehouse was severely damaged in the looting which spread to other parts of Kenville and Sea Cow Lake,” he explained.

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Vice chairman of the Kenville/Sea Cow Lake Community Ratepayers Association, Anil Beekrum expressed his disappointment with law enforcement saying several businesses stood no chance due to the looting and torching of buildings.

Northglen News met Beekrum outside one of the warehouses on Sea Cow Lake Road which was completely burned to the ground.

“We had Marshall Security and Surveillance Armed Response help us but for the most part we were let down by law enforcement. I do acknowledge they would be outnumbered but there wasn’t any plan to curb this. We had one police van come out to Smithfield Road where one business was targeted but they drove away.

“This warehouse on Sea Cow Lake Road targeted by looters housed various items. The wanton destruction is just heartbreaking especially as these businesses will have a hard time rebuilding. Some of the damaged warehouses and businesses will have to be assessed as some are not structurally sound,” he said.


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