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Recycled tin can crafts and projects

Get canned, get organised: Don’t toss away those old tin cans. Instead, grab the kids and make these recycled tin can crafts!

You might be surprised to hear that there are some incredible things one can do with a simple tin can! We’ve canvassed YouTube and found some fun ideas!

    1. Organise drawers by repurposing tin cans as draw dividers and storage containers. Simply save shallow tin cans, like tuna cans, wash, dry, and arrange inside shallow drawers to store stationery like paperclips, pins, and elastic bands.
    2. Recycle large coffee tins by washing, drying, and gluing the tin cans together side-by-side with craft glue. You could glue more cans on top, creating a pyramid-shaped storage unit, and use it in your cupboard to store flat shoes or scarves.
    3. Store and grow herbs in one place. Whether it’s basil, parsley, cilantro, or another herb, you can store them all in one place. Just drill a can to a wooden post.
    4. Paint or cover clean tin cans with wrapping paper or scraps of fabric and use them as desk organisers for the office or your craft corner. It’s a pretty and practical way to recycle and store pens, paintbrushes, pencil crayons, and craft tools.
    5. Add handles to the side of big cans. Then cover them with spray paint to create useful storage buckets.
    6. Tin cans can make for easy flower vases and toothbrush holders.
    7. Love wind chimes? Paint tin cans of various sizes, string them together, and hang them outside. They’ll chime every time the wind blows.
    8. Do your children love bowling? Take those tin cans outdoors and have some fun tossing a ball at them!
    9. With summer in full bloom, tin cans can make great bird feeders. Simply drill a little hole in a can, loop through a piece of wool, fill with seed and hang from a tree!
    10. Modern phones of today are still no match for the charm of an old-school tin can telephone. Little kids love playing “broken telephone”. All you need are two cans, a long piece of string, a nail, and a hammer. Take a look at the tutorial below for step-by-step instructions on how to make a “broken telephone”.

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