How to manage your gym change room time like a boss

Get the most out of your workout by following these five change room tricks to make your gym experience that much more efficient.

Gym time should be that one hour a day where you can have some time for yourself, destress and work up those much-needed endorphins…which means spending more time on the gym floor and less time in the change room. These five hacks from Shower to Shower will help you make your gym time super efficient so that you can have a coffee stop on your way to work, a chill-down walk back to the office or even score an additional ten minutes on the treadmill. Ready, steady, go…

1. Loop it
There’s no worse feeling when entering the gym than your hair ‘swooshing’ against your shoulders. A frantic hunt ensues and nothing. Not a hair tie to be found. Tip: Use an old shower curtain ring or key ring and loop all your hair bands together. Keep the neatly stacked, easy to find ring in your gym bag.

2. Sample It
Having to redo a full face of makeup after your sweaty workout is going to cost valuable time. Save yourself a few minutes by creating your own sample size of your favourite makeup instead. With this clever hack, you’ll free up some space in your gym bag and won’t have to lug around a huge, beauty bag. Tip: Try pouring some of your liquid beauty products into a clean contact lens case for DIY travel-sized makeup.

3. Don’t Sweat It
Making time to work out can be extremely challenging, never mind giving your hair the full wash and dry treatment after your session. Luckily, a bit of sweat in your hair for a couple of hours isn’t the end of the world.. if no one can tell that your hair is sweaty. Tip: Grab a can of dry shampoo for quick application following your session. Spray it in, give your hair a good rub and brush-through and secure in an up style. Sorted!

4. Powder It!
The workout is done. The shower is done. All you need now, is to carry those good feelings with you for the rest of the day by smelling fresh and fabulous. Tip: The great smelling fragrance of Shower to Shower Fresh Powder means you don’t need to spritz on any additional perfume.

5. Bag It!
The post-workout shoe odour is one thing that you can probably do without, especially if you’ve got a long day ahead and will need to leave your gym bag in the car for a couple of hours. Tip: Take a plastic shower cap or small plastic bag along and place your sneakers in there after your workout. Add dry tea bags or even bicarb soda inside your sneakers, they will absorb any unpleasant odour.

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