Crime prevention this holiday season

JOBURG – Learn a few helpful tips to keep safe during the holiday season.

Many residents will be leaving to go on holiday during the public holiday period until Easter.

Honeydew SAPS Warrant Officer Karen Jacobs shares a few safety tips.

What should residents do to safe guard their homes if they are going away?

• Never leave the outside light of your house on the whole day and night

• Arrange someone who will clear the post box while you are away

• Stop the newspaper deliveries for the duration of your holiday

• Inform your neighbours of your holiday so they can keep an eye on your property

• Double check that you have locked and secured all windows and doors before leaving home

• Do not leaving gardening tools outside your yard that could be used in a burglary, e.g. step ladders, spades etc.

How can residents keep safe in their homes if they choose to stay home and celebrate?

• Ensure that your gates are locked at all times and that the keys cannot be reached easily and are not lying around uncontrolled

• Never hide any keys in traditional places, such as in pot plants or under doormats

• Clear the areas around the gates of bushes and other hiding places

• Residents are urged NOT to go outside alone during early morning hours (2am till 5am) as incidents have been reported where residents were attacked / targeted while for eg. smoking outside

• Be aware at all times especially at night and during the early morning hours. DO NOT leave any doors open while busy in the unit and close ALL windows when going to bed. Remove all keys from the doors and gates.

Is crime higher during the Easter period?

“Some crime normally shows an increase during this period but we want residents to be always aware at any time and at any place,” said WO Jacobs.

Many children will be on school holidays, how can they be kept safer?

Safety tips for children

• Know your full name(s), your parent’s names, your address(es) and phone number(s)

• Tell your parents about things that make you feel scared, uncomfortable or sad

• Know the difference between a good secret and a bad secret. A good secret is fun to keep, such as a surprise party. A bad secret feels bad to keep and makes you feel scared

• Strangers: Never tell strangers your name(s) or where you live

• Buddy system: Use the buddy system and avoid walking or playing alone outside or in public places

• Safe distance: Keep a safe distance (approximately three-arm lengths) from strangers and strangers’ cars, even if a stranger seems friendly. Run in the direction opposite to the direction in which the stranger’s car is travelling

• Home safety: Keep all the doors and windows locked when you are at home alone. Go to a neighbour and call 10111 if a window is broken or if the door is open when you get home

• Doorbell safety: Answer the door by asking: “Who is it?” Never say that you are alone and never open the door when you are alone, unless it is someone your parents told you to expect and let him/her/them in.

• Phone safety: Never say that you are alone when a stranger calls. You can say, “Mom/Dad cannot come to the phone now. Can I take a message?”


South African Police Service Emergency Number 10111

Crime Stop (report criminal activity anonymously) 08600 10111

Mobile phone emergency number 112.

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