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Wards 88 and 98 – our female councilors give an update

Councillors Jacobs and Jonker give a brief update on their wards this Women's Day.

This Woman’s Day, Northcliff Melville Times spoke to two women who are making a positive difference in their areas – Ward 88 councillor Nicolene Jonker and Ward 98 councillor Beverley Jacobs.

Recent successes

Ward 88: Working with SCP Security, Let’s Work and members of the Fairland CPF has led to two recent successes in combating fuse and cable theft. City Power has replaced six mini-substations and multiple power cables have been replaced, necessary to ongoing work in upgrading ageing infrastructure.

Incidents of shoot-outs at Westpark Cemetery have ceased following multi-agency collaboration.

Illegal dumping is becoming more difficult after efforts by the community, private security, and local organisations. Most recently, two individuals were fined and one truck impounded.

Ward 88 councillor Nicolene Jonker. Photo: Supplied

Ward 98: The City’s Augmented Field Service agents have made huge strides in addressing issues previously neglected, like clearing curbs in Berario, maintenance of the Kelland bridge and removing grass growing into road surfaces. The recent multi-agency clean-up of the Jerusalem site in Fairland along with the Community Cleaners and Beagle Watch is a big first step in fixing issues there.

Challenges in the wards

Both Jonker and Jacobs detailed their frustrations with power outages often following load-shedding when tripping happens. Jonker said, “Investigations are under way as City Power believes some of this is because some businesses are being run from residential properties which is drawing too much power. We are looking to find out how this can be resolved.”

They also both spoke of how the limited JMPD personnel available to their wards was having a negative impact as they are mostly all still stationed in the CBD. Jacobs said, “By-law enforcement and traffic management remains a fundamental challenge. The added pressure on remaining JMPD officers is immense and has further negatively impacted the ability for them to enforce by-regulations.”

Ward 98 councillor Beverly Jacobs. Photo: Emily Wellman Bain

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) was another area of shared frustration with Jacobs saying, “The JRA seems to be struggling to service or maintain existing infrastructure – potholes, curb inlets, road resurfacing, dam rehabilitation, storm water inlet maintenance and road markings falling behind.”
Jonker agreed saying, “Holding JRA accountable to signed service level agreements is key.”

Final thoughts

Jonker, Ward 88: “Please work with your Residents Associations and ward committee members as we all work together to help our communities.”

Jacobs, Ward 98: “It is the responsibility of the community to understand what it means to break by-laws and to refrain from doing so which will assist in relieving the pressure and help create a ward we all call home.”

The Northcliff Melville Times has requested comment from City Power, JMPD and Johannesburg Road Agencies and will publish same once made available.


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