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Watch out – merchandise scam in town

The resident who was now interested was ready to make a deal, and handed over a large sum of money

Early in September various employees and business people were approached by a ‘short, chubby woman’ selling various products.

The products ranged from meat, cleaning detergents and food items in bulk at a slightly cheaper price, compared to that of local shopping centres.

For this reason many locals were interested in the offer. Upon meeting her, your first thoughts would be along the lines of: “She’s just a friendly lady trying to make a living like everyone else…”

A small black notebook is produced, and lists of the offered items along their prices are neatly hand written for one to browse through.

A resident, who would like to remain unknown for the fear of victimisation, was interested in some of the items the lady had jotted down in the notebook.

“I was sceptical at first, but after other ladies on two different occasions said they received the items they purchased from this woman, I went ahead and placed an order a week after meeting her,” recalled the resident.

The woman said she worked for another individual in Pietermaritzburg and that the prices on the various items changed every month.

The resident who was now interested was ready to make a deal, and handed over a large sum of money. A purchased agreement was signed between the buyer and seller.

Money was paid over and an agreement was made to see meet within the next few days with the items she purchased.

Days grew into weeks and telephone calls went unanswered.Desperate to track the woman down who just got away with her money, the resident made her way to where the woman said she was residing.

The people who came to the door made a number of excuses when questioned about the woman’s whereabouts. It dawned on the resident that she got involved with a scam artist.

She then contacted the police, who assured her that a van will be sent to take her statement. At the time of going to print on Tuesday, it had been five days since she first contacted the police.

“I would like others to stay alert, as scam artists come up with all sorts of ways to trick you and come across as legit in the process,” advised the resident.

Another local, who would also like to remain unknown, admitted to being scammed by this suspected con woman.

By the time of going to print, no comment was made by the police spokesperson.

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