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Dundee businesses turn to fixing roads in industrial area

“Right now, even customers are hesitant to come to our places of business for fear that their vehicles will be damaged,” said one employee who works in the area.

After years of asking for assistance, businesses have resorted to carrying out repairs to Van Eck Road in the Avon industrial area.
Following years of neglect and appeals for help from Endumeni Municipality, Nairmet and BH Optimum have chosen to do their own repairs.
“We have pleaded over the past few years with Endumeni Municipality and our relevant councillors and received no feedback, had articles in the Courier, and posted on this group on many occasions with no response.
“How can it be that big businesses in Dundee are ignored by the authorities? Since this part of the road needs to be used by no other company besides Nairmet and BH Optimum, I don’t see the necessity of anyone else having to drive on our road and cause further damage,” said a spokesperson for Nairmet.

Business owners outraged by state of roads

But this does not matter at the end of the day. We are sorting the matter out. Endumeni Municipality, you sort yourselves out when you decide to send us rates bills and so on for our land, which we are taking care of ourselves.
“We just wanted to make the community and our councillors aware of the fact that we are doing it ourselves.”
Cllr Naresh Gopie, chairperson of the Municipal Public Accounts Committee, said he would be doing his own on-site inspection.
The Courier has previously highlighted the deterioration of roads in the industrial area, with many businesses bemoaning the fact that they, their employees and customers are damaging their vehicles simply by driving to work.

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