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Power cables kill cattle in Matiwaneskop

The storm caused damage to houses and infrastructure as well

A heavy storm wreaked havoc in the Matiwaneskop area on Monday afternoon (February 5), damaging houses and infrastructure. Livestock were also killed as a result of power lines collapsing.

According to Ward 23 Councillor Thobani Dlamini, about 30 houses were damaged and some people were left stranded without shelter.

Eskom power poles were also damaged.

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Four head of cattle belonging to the Gumbi and Shabangu families were electrocuted while grazing near the live power lines on the ground.

Nomthandazo Gumbi said they are saddened by what has happened and want Eskom to compensate them.

Matiwaneskop was one of the areas that was badly affected by heavy rains in December. The area flooded and many houses were damaged; residents had to be placed in a community hall as temporary shelter.

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