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uThukela made to look like a joke in viral video with over 200,000 views

Should the road be declared a national wetland? ask residents

uThukela have failed to fix a burst pipe, despite being made to look like a joke in a viral video that has a reach of over 200,000 on Facebook.

We caught up with the businessman today (January 26) to see if the leak in President Street had been fixed, but sadly the answer was a resounding ‘No’.  In fact, the water flowing from the pipe had increased, forming a mini ‘wetland’, with the businessman joking that the area would need to be declared a national park soon if fauna and flora continued to grow unabated in the street.

Our original story poked fun at uThukela because of a viral video doing the rounds on social media.

“It takes uThukela so long to fix a water leak that a local businessman decided to take time out after a bike ride to ‘chill’ in a huge pothole filled with water.”

Despite the viral video having local residents chuckling, uThukela remain unmoved by the fuss. Businessman Dave Warmenhoven, owner of The Bike Rack, can be seen relaxing in the middle of the road, with his feet dangling in a pool of water (pothole).

Chatting to the camera in Afrikaans, he explains how nice it is after a long mountain bike ride to stop at the rock pool and relax his weary legs on a hot day.

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At the time of publishing this story, the leak had still not been fixed.

Several new streets are also destined to become potential wetland areas, with the leak in Barrack Road (currently under repair as this is being uploaded) making waves, along with Remount Road, which has resembled a cascading creak for months.

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