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Church youth wrap up Youth Month with team-building

“These events encourage the youth to be mature and be responsible individuals.''

As Youth Month came to an end, young people from God’s Time Ministries International (GTMI) had a team-building exercise on Friday. This church is under the leadership of Apostle S Hlela and is located in the Shoba area.
The event was themed ‘Pizza and Prayer Youth Friday’ and the main aim was to promote togetherness as per one of GTMI’s values. The get-together was packed with fun as they played different games such as ‘30 Seconds’ and ‘Tug-of-War’. The games encouraged cognitive functioning and physical exercise, respectively. It wasn’t only about fun, but knowledge was gained to capacitate the youth in navigating life as individuals. The event also encouraged them spiritually through a ‘Bible Quiz’ which challenged them to read more of the Bible.
The event was excellently facilitated by Ayanda Kubheka of the Amasobode Foundation. 22 young people attended, forming groups of four that were very interactive and took part enthusiastically throughout. At the end of it all, the youth stated that they would appreciate more of these events, as it encourages them to stay off the streets and away from social ills like substance abuse and unplanned pregnancies.
Going forward, GTMI Church plans to have job readiness workshops, a sanitary towels drive, a fund for university applications for their youth in matric, and lots more. After the team-building, light refreshments were enjoyed by the attendees.
“These events encourage the youth to be mature and be responsible individuals, hence the leaders of GTMI urge Shoba area’s youth to attend such gatherings for their development. GTMI is accessible on Facebook @Gods Time Ministries international,” concluded Kubheka.

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