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Thrilling final ‘fish-off’ between Ladysmith and Endumeni Angling Clubs

The combined total of weighable fish caught was 78, most of which were released.

Defending champions Ladysmith and title hopefuls Endumeni fished off in the final of the NFWAA knockout competition.

It was the first time that Endumeni had reached this stage of the competition, and they did so with an emphatic win over Chelmsford in the semifinal, while Ladysmith eliminated archrivals Itec Freespool.

The fish-off took place in zones D and E at the Sanford Islands.

Both teams fielded full teams of 25 members each. After the pre-competition official duties were completed, the anglers in the front of the queue made their way to the ‘hot spots’ while those at the tail end had to make do with what was available.

It was pleasant to observe the increasing number of junior anglers represented on Team Endumeni.

It was a good day out for both clubs, as was evident by the long line of keep nets at the weigh station.

Ladysmith’s fish were weighed first, and their 16 nets yielded 80 points. Endumeni had 15 nets on the line, which totaled a respectable 56 points.

Endumeni’s Yahyah Bobat won the heaviest non-scaled prize with a barbel of 8.94 kg, while Joff Davies of Ladysmith won the scaled category with a carp of 3.038kg.

The winners each received R200 cash and an outright miniature trophy.

The winning team was presented with the Jimmy Pandoy floating trophy and R1000 in cash, while the runners-up received R500 in cash.

All the cash and miniature trophies were sponsored by Zamanena Construction.

The remaining two fixtures on the NFWAA calendar will be League 6 and the Champions Cup, which will be fished on April 21 and 28, respectively.

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