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Highlanders crush Bears in pre-season games.

The Boschpick Newcastle Highlanders played a riveting game of rugby against Bears on Friday (April 12) night and again on Saturday afternoon (April 13) at the Arbor Park Sports grounds.

These were warm up games leading up to the Puma Premier League set to kick off this weekend, and with the Highlanders taking charge of both games early on, they sought to make their determination to rule the league very clear.

The Highlanders played a great game of attacking running rugby on Friday night leading 48-0 at half time to end off the game victorious with a crushing 79-0 win.

The home team showed vast improvement with the backline, for the first time this season, working in unison which is a testament to their hard work put in during week.

Coach Andre Swanepoel praised his team efforts, saying: “The forwards provided a good quick ball to the backline and all phases of forward play were exemplary.”

The Saturday game once again saw the Highlanders dominate against the Bears second team with a score of 45-14. It was encouraging to see clubs still fielding two and more sides.

The Highlanders first and second team will be at home against the highly rated Sasol team from Secunda team in their first league match for 2024 this Saturday (April 20)

Matches are as follows:

Highlanders first team vs Sasol at 14:00

Highlanders first team vs Sasol first team at 15:30

The Highlanders third and fourth team NKZN league matches are due to start on May 4.

See photos below:


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