Eight things everyone should keep in their car

I have compiled a list of things that we believe every person should keep in their car not only for safety but for convenience.

Now before anyone accuses me of trying to make the interior of their car look like a messy bedroom hear me out. I have compiled a list of things that we believe every person should keep in their car not only for safety but for convenience.

  1. Jumper cables– These items might sound arbitrary but most things do until you need them. Trust me when I say that pushing a car or bike isn’t great when you’re one or two people. Price: approximately R200.
  2. Portable first-aid kit-The small kit contains all of the essentials including bandages, plasters, anti-septic and scissors for example. Price: approximately R300.
  3. Multi-tool- These are particularly handy and range from something as simple as a Swiss Army Knife to a Leatherman which will ensure that if something goes wrong, that you have tools at your disposal to sort out the problem. Price: from R200-R3 000
  4. Seat belt cutter and window breaker- I have has one of these in my car for five years now and it’s seriously a vital piece of kit if you’re involved in a serious accident. The concealed blade is extremely sharp and can cut a seat belt in seconds while the small tip on the other end ensures that with one jab your side window will be broken. Mine even came with adhesive on its side, allowing me to mount it to my door pocket.
  5. Spare GPS device- I am among those who don’t really utilise built-in GPS systems in cars and would rather use our smartphones, especially with the advent of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The problem is that these rely on signal and mobile data which, let’s face it, in our country isn’t fantastic. Therefore, if you can afford one, a stand-alone GPS system would always come in handy. Price: from R1 000
  6. USB device charger- These handy little items plug into either your cigarette lighter or your vehicle’s 12V socket. They can normally accommodate two mobile device cables and will charge your device while you drive. Price: from R120
  7. Quick tyre repair kit- These little canisters will inflate your flat tyre and allow you to drive to the nearest tyre shop. The time saved and avoidance of potential road-side dangers makes having one of these kits worthwhile. Price: from R250
  8. Loose change or small bills- We recommend that you keep small amounts of cash in a concealed area of your car. You never know when you might need that money for an unplanned toll gate, an irate car guard, a traffic light merchant, for a snack or even for that list few litres of fuel to get home.

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