Eskom gives answers to Ngwathe’s electricity crisis

Eskom gives answers to Ngwathe's electricity crisis

Agnes Mlambo, General Manager of Eskom’s Central East Cluster (Free State/KwaZulu Natal), gave the following answers to Parys’ electricity crisis with the following statement
On Tuesday afternoon, 26 April a fault on Ngwathe’s network tripped our equipment. This is of concern to us because it would not have been the case if they had their protection equipment fully functional.
As such we need an undertaking from the Municipality that they have not only fixed their fault but that their protection is fully functional. Without this undertaking, Eskom’s equipment is at risk of being damaged.
It is important to remind the public that not long ago Eskom lost a transformer due to a fault from the Municipality’s side.
We are finding ourself in an increasingly difficult position to continue providing a service to Ngwathe. We have to pay suppliers for the coal to produce the electricity, pay our employees to generate, transmit and distribute the electricity, pay for the fuel and maintenance for the vehicles, pay for material and tools, whilst the Municipality remains steadfast in their unwillingness to pay for the electricity they provide to and collect from their customers. Ngwathe’s debt has spiralled to R1.5 bn.
Eskom is awaiting a signed letter of commitment from Ngwathe before supply will be restored.

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