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All-electric Mitsubishi eK X EV to launch in Japan

The Mitsubishi eK X EV will join the company's SUV series and offer a range adequate for everyday use.

The new Mitsubishi eK X EV model features the same spacious, pleasant cabin and user-friendliness as the eK X, while also providing the smooth and powerful driving experience of EVs, a quiet and comfortable ride, and the convenience made possible by advanced driver assistance systems and connectivity.

It will boast a host of luxury and safety features inclusive of Grip Control, MI-PILOT parking support system, advanced 7″ colour liquid crystal display (LCD) meter with good visibility and operability, and an electric shift lever.

It is equipped with a newly developed drive battery with a total power capacity of 20kW, and has two charging ports – regular charging (AC200V/14.5A), which takes about eight hours to reach a full charge, and quick charging, which takes about 40min to complete an 80% charge.

The maximum torque is 195Nm, almost twice that of the petrol turbo model, and the motor’s damping performance has also been improved to achieve the smooth and powerful driving performance that constitutes EVs’ appeal.

Three drive modes are available, allowing the driver to select their desired mode according to driving conditions: Normal mode, which is optimal for city driving; Eco mode, which reduces motor output to improve power consumption, and Sport mode, which gives a crisp, lively throttle response.

“This is a tremendously exciting development for Mitsubishi,” said Jeffrey Allison, general manager of marketing, Mitsubishi Motors South Africa. “With its long heritage coupled with Japanese craftsmanship, Mitsubishi products and particularly SUV offerings such as the ASX have found favour globally.

“Built with all the features and safety Mitsubishi customers want in their vehicles, eK X could be a game-changer in vehicle affordability.”

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