Coffee bars for small spaces

Here is how you can implement brewing stations for the tightest spots.

No matter how tiny your space is, you can always find room to create a nook for your favourite beverage.

As with any room in the home, size isn’t the most important thing – how you style the space is what counts. A coffee bar doesn’t have to be extravagant; it can be both simple and attractive. When working with a smaller space, a simple scheme can often make a space feel bigger than it is.


How you organise your coffee bar depends on the kind of space you have to work with.

As a general rule, aim for less clutter on countertops, so store jars on shelves or in cupboards where possible.

Consider what you need to make your coffee and ensure they are all close at hand. This could include a coffee machine, a cafetiere and a kettle, pretty coffee cups or mugs, decorative spoons, storage jars for coffee, sugar and sugar cubes, milk jugs and special spoons.


A kitchen countertop can work well as a coffee bar if you dedicate space for your coffee machine and other coffee utensils.

  • Designate your coffee-making zone with an attractive tray. Arrange your cafetiere or coffee machine on it, along with mugs, decorative jars and other coffee necessities.
  • Fitting open shelves to house your mugs, cups, and other glassware clears your counters of clutter and offers you extra preparation space.
  • A pegboard wall is ideal for hanging coffee utensils, milk jugs and small coffee cups.
  • A pull-out countertop drawer can house a built-in coffee maker, mugs and other coffee paraphernalia. When your coffee is ready, simply close the drawer for a streamlined effect.

If there is absolutely no room on your countertop, a slim floor-standing kitchen cart can line up with your worktop to house a small coffee machine. You can store everything else you need on the shelves below.

Another room

A small kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do without coffee. A sideboard in another room can be a perfect home coffee bar with attractive mugs and storage jars as features.

When space is at a premium, floating shelves are a practical way of storing mugs and can also be a feature. Fit them directly above the coffee machine and arrange colourful and patterned jars to store everything from coffee beans to sugar and biscuits.

Writer : Sarah-Jane Meyer

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