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27 Feb 2020
3:54 pm

‘She Down There’: Marine biologist’s first novel is a jewel of the deep


The novel is a unique, uplifting, educational read that has the potential to turn climate change denialists into passionate conservationists.

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She Down There is South African marine biologist Lynton Francois Burger’s first novel. It is set in the ’90s. Half Haida, half French-Canadian, Claire Lutrísque’s love for the ocean sees her journey from the cold, unforgiving Pacific to the welcoming warm waters of Mozambique’s Indian Ocean in search of her calling and life’s purpose. But this is no ordinary love for the sea – Claire’s passion is one that has spanned generations and is entrenched in her soul. She experiences marine life on a deep, spiritual level. She comes to know South African Navy diver Klaas Afrikaner, who finds himself...