Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
4 minute read
18 Jul 2021
1:30 pm

UK and Europe have some splendid spots far from the madding crowd

Brendan Seery

Looking at the images of empty streets in London and, knowing that the UK is about to open up again, I have one thought: Nope. Not for me.

The water shimmers like glass with the stunning sunset in the horizon reflecting its beauty. Taken on a chilly summers evening after a long day out on the water boating and having fun.

It’s a grey, cold miserable day outside and I am reminded of London, UK, where that is the case more often than not – at least to someone used to the mild southern African climate. Having been in and out of the British capital numerous times, for business and pleasure, for the past 12 years or so, I had always found that one could adapt to the damp and the chill – especially because like most European cities (sorry Brexiteers, it is one to me), there is an energy from the pressing crowds of people which seems to invigorate you....