Eric Naki
Political Editor
2 minute read
13 Sep 2021
5:45 am

State capture, political killings would have Biko turning in his grave

Eric Naki

He never envisaged SA would create generation of thugs.

The late black conscious leader Steve Biko. Picture: Twitter

Experts and comrades of Black Consciousness leader Steve Biko believe he would have opposed the current thuggery in the state and among political organisations because it was against what he stood for. Biko died on 12 September 1977, in police custody in Pretoria after being driven naked in the back of a police van then tortured in detention. His brutal killing sparked an international outcry and intensified economic sanctions against the white apartheid government of the National Party. The killing came just over a year after the 1976 Soweto students uprising where pupils were shot by police for marching against...