2 minute read
10 Jan 2022
7:55 am

Mr President, we have heard it all before, promises that come to nothing


With Ramaphosa revealing they won’t act on the Zondo report until mid-2022, forgive us for not expecting a different outcome to all the many, many promises made in the past.

President Cyril Ramaphosa speaking at the ANC's January 8th birthday celebrations in Limpopo. Photo: Twitter/@MYANC

While delivering the speech to mark the ANC’s 110th anniversary in Polokwane on Saturday, President Cyril Ramaphosa touched on corruption while trying to set the tone in an important year for the ruling party. We use the word touched because tackling corruption really isn’t the ruling party’s main focus. Mr President, we have heard it all before. All the promises that come to nothing. What will be different this time around? Yes, the first of three parts of the Zondo report into state capture has been delivered. However, with Ramaphosa revealing they won’t act on anything until mid-2022, forgive us...