Carine Hartman
Chief sub-editor
2 minute read
9 Apr 2022
8:32 am

Why fix what is broken?

Carine Hartman

It is not so much the actual broken window that is important, but the message the broken window sends.

Picture: iStock

The pool is sparkling blue and there is not a broken window in sight. Talk about a feel-good day. And how amazed this household was when we started counting the broken panes: a staggering 13 of all shapes and sizes. I was relentless: if it is cracked, it goes – but there were only two of those. The rest were jagged holes where pool balls, screw drivers and the occasional fist went through. No more. Tonight, for the first time in aeons, not a drop of rain will make it into this house; no wind will come howling through. ALSO...