City needs funeral ushers

WINDSOR EAST – Job packages are offered to residents in Windsor.

The City of Johannesburg offered jobs to residents at a Jozi@Work meeting at Windsor East Recreation Centre on 29 January. Three packages were made available to residents in the Windsor East and Windsor West area.

They include:

  • Horticultural maintenance
  • Funeral ushering
  • Food bank programme

Each package can only be given to one cooperative (group of workers) on a six-month contract.

All work will be done within Region B in Johannesburg.

Horticultural maintenance includes litter picking, raking, weeding, sweeping and leaf blowing.

Funeral ushering entails assistance in funeral services, tracing and location of graves, allocation of graves, and grave levelling.

The food bank programme includes collecting food from a market, washing and packaging it before delivering it to ‘food insecure’ households. “It is a programme we are hoping will continue and create work, get people off the street, get them employed, and put food in their tummies,” said Phyllis Kramer, operational manager for Citizen Relationship Management in Region B.

She added that although only one cooperative will receive a work package, a cooperative may include about four men, and that means that four families can be fed.

Ward 98 councillor Laurette van Zijl said that the inflow of jobs are a good thing for the residents and their area, but warned that residents must “know what to do, and do the job properly.”

Furthermore, she says that one resident is trying to arrange for the vagrants  in the area to form a cooperative, and she is trying to assist in that regard.

Details: City of Johannesburg 086 056 2874; Ward 98 councillor Laurette van Zijl 082 330 0593.

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