Nissan adds more power and features to Micra

The Nissan Micra is an impressive little car however it has some issues which thankfully Nissan has remedied with an updated Micra line-up.

I got behind the wheel of this updated version at the local media launch which took place in Johannesburg.

Eye candy

Not much has changed on this new model when compared to the current iteration. The model that I drove at the launch was the flagship Micra in Tekna Plus guise. The car features large black and silver alloy rims which when viewed with the contrasting Enigma Black paint give the car a sporty and premium look. The styling is modern, sleek and neat with very little design distractions. The low front-end helps to improve aerodynamics while the rear is neatly sculptured. I particularly like the LED daytime running lights which come with the standard LED headlights up-front.

Stepping into the club

The interior on my test unit was for me the highlight of the entire car, I was greeted by black and red leather, tastefully blended to offer an extremely premium fit and feel throughout the cabin. There is red leather padding on the dashboard and next to the gear-lever. A large infotainment screen takes pride of place in the centre of the facia, which offers smartphone connectivity as well as Intelligent Around View Monitoring as standard, which is essentially a 360-degree camera system which helps with parking. The interior is spacious, comfortable and well put together for a car in this segment. Other features which caught my eye included items such as front heated seats, blind-spot assist, cruise control and one of the main attractions Bose speakers in the headrests.

Nissan engineers along with the sound experts from BOSE have managed to integrate quality speakers into the headrests and for the first time delivering a superior, driver-focused listening experience in a compact car. The headrest set-up makes use of BOSE PersonalSpace Virtual Audio Technology to produce a wide sound field with a clear sound image, musical depth. The technology offers a range of listening options, from precise front-focused sound to a much wider and enveloping experience in which the sound feels like it’s coming from places in the car where there aren’t any speakers.

More power baby

The updated Micra also comes with an updated motor. The Micra is now offered with a turbocharged 1.0-litre petrol engine that produces 84 kW – 18 kW more than its predecessors – and 180 N.m of torque. One of these innovations is the delta cylinder head – a world-first for a 1.0-litre petrol engine – which makes for a more compact and lightweight engine. Another innovation is a new bore spray coating on the cylinders which has been borrowed from the Nissan GT-R. This is another world-first technology in the 1.0-litre petrol engine and it reduces the friction in the cylinder, improves heat management and combustion, cuts weight and improves fuel economy, 5.0l/100km according to Nissan.

The increased eagerness of this motor is noticeable when compared to the 66 kW model. The latter was, equally nice to look at and the interior felt just as good but he entire package was let down by an engine that suffered from immense turbo-lag. The car would easily stall on pull away. This new one has remedied that, to an extent, however, not entirely I’m afraid. The new 6-speed gearbox needs to be worked, especially at low speeds. However, if you are aware of the shortcoming and drive accordingly the Micra offers a surprisingly fun and swift driving experience thanks to more power and an upgraded, somewhat sporty suspension.


The Nissan Micra is worth consideration and has always been. With the upgraded power and new features on offer, it makes for a very appealing proposition within the segment, especially when you consider the price.

MICRA 84 kW Turbo Acenta Plus: R305 900.00

MICRA 84 kW Turbo Tekna: R326 300.00

MICRA 84 kW Turbo Tekna Plus: R336 900.00

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