Travel gadgets every traveller must consider

Travel gadgets can assist you in dealing with emergencies and having better travel experiences.

Travelling is an adventure that opens one’s mind to new experiences,  people and places and often opens doors to new opportunities. From the hustle and bustle of the city life, the simple rural setting to the untamed beauty of nature reserves, the bottom line is enjoy every moment and make lasting memories.

Technology is constantly changing how we travel and what we are able to access. Continuous invention has produced some innovative products for that is becoming part of many travellers arsenal.

These are the travel gadgets every traveller should consider:

Mini travel steam iron

Choosing the right clothes for a trip  is a difficult task for many people. convenience of having a travel iron means you never have to leave hotel or b&b looking anything less than immaculate. This small and compact steam iron can fit into the smallest of travel bags. Usually, weighing under 500 grams, it heats up quickly and has a non-stick soleplate designed to iron different fabrics.

Scrubba Wash Bag

The scrubba wash bag has been designed for adventure seekers who  really enjoy spending extended periods of time camping in the woods, mountains, the bush and more. This bag has earned the title of being the world’s tiniest washing machine at 142g. It uses no electricity, has a transparent window to monitor washing progression and water, has an air release valve and can be used as a dry bag.

goTenna Mesh

goTenna’s Mesh is the go-to mobile communications gadget in places where cell, WIFI and satellite signals  can’t be found. This stick-like innovation can be attached to your bag, nearby shrubs or even your tent. The Mesh enables you to create what can be called a private network. This works by pairing one or two paired cell phones or devices to be able to receive messages and receive real-time locations. It has a 24hrs battery and can work with Android and Apple devices.

Video recording sunglasses (Spectacles V2)

Sunglasses are essential accessories when travelling but even better is carrying sunglasses which are designed with the ability to capture images.With V2 sunglasses, you will rarely feel the need to carry a camera or worry about who will take photos and videos during your adventure trips. These sunglasses can take photos, record 10-second video clips in high definition and can be used underwater.

Sun-insect repellent clothing

Getting bitten by insects and bugs and exposing the skin to harmful sun rays are some of the major concerns for travellers. This clothing has been manufactured with Ultra Violet (UV) protection ability and certified insect repellent properties. While it may not naturally be classified as a tech gadget, it’s definitely a tech-inspired item that you should consider when travelling. Azulwear and Outdoor Warehouse are some of the retailers you can count on for these products.

No-touch door opener

The Covid-19 pandemic has intensified the need for hygiene in public and private spaces. It goes without saying that doorknobs, elevator buttons, windows and other surfaces retain a huge amount of germs. This multi-tool eliminates the need for you to touch surfaces, open and close windows and doors, pick up trash with your hands.   You will never have to worry about opening doors, pressing elevator buttons, and touching various surfaces. This smart multi-tool is equipped with an expertly designed hook and prong you can use to touch many surfaces. It’s reasonably priced and can be attached to a keychain.

Tile mate pro tracker

Your whole trip can easily be ruined by simply misplacing one item. This bluetooth tracker with a coverage range of about 120 metres will assist you to find valuable items. When the item is outside the bluetooth  range, this gadget will allow you to view the last location of your lost possession. You can attach it to your luggage or keyholder.

If you’re an avid traveller, for work or just because you love new places and experiences, consider our suggestions above as essentials for you to include when packing for your next trip        

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