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Help find Molly the missing cat

Molly has been missing since June 11 after getting out of her enclosure.

A resident is urgently looking for her cat who went missing on June 11.

Surine Dippenaar, Molly’s owner, explained she was still home on the morning of June 11 and ate all her food.

When she returned home she was, however, nowhere to be found. After giving her food, she assumed Molly was playing with her Yorkie. When she went to check a bot later she noticed her food was still untouched.

She continued to search for her on the night of June 11 but to no avail and believes Molly must have escaped from under her enclosure as the mesh isn’t torn.

She explained Molly is three years old and has dark stripes with a brown belly. She is nice and fat as she mostly stays in her enclosure. She is not microchipped and she doesn’t have a collar as she doesn’t run around, but she is sterilised.

“We are urgently looking for her. Please, if anyone can help, I would truly appreciate it,” said Surine.

Any person who sees Molly can contact Surine on 072 253 8623.

Louisa Rossouw, founder and director of Cast Aways Animal Sanctuary gave a few tips for cat owners on how to prevent their animals from getting out.

“Indoor cats are always better than free-roaming cats. We recommend people build cat enclosures for your bedroom window. Then they have the indoor and outdoor life and they are always safe.”

She added cats are animals that roam, unfortunately it is dangerous for them outside of their yard.

She added the dangers they may face include:

• Being stolen
• Being used as bait in dog fighting
• Fights with other cats, dogs, skunks, foxes, coyotes, bears and raccoons
• Extreme hot or cold weather, rain or snow
• Being abused or tortured by strangers
• BB gun or gunshot wounds
• Being sold to laboratories for testing
• Getting lost
• Getting sick, infections, and disease
• Feline immunodeficiency virus, Feline leukemia virus, and Feline infectious peritonitis
• Injuries
• Animal traps
• Poisoning
• Rock salt burns
• Fleas, ticks and worms
• Getting their collar caught
• Ringworm
• Unwanted pregnancy
• Hungry hawks

“If a person sees a strange cat outside, please network with the owner. Somewhere someone is searching for their pet. Also, take them to your nearest vet or animal organisation,” said Louisa.

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