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‘My heart is bleeding for Toekomsrus’ — pastor

The Toekomsrus community gathers as their hearts bleed for the lives lost to gun and gang violence.

Toekomsrus residents gathered at the corner of Diamond and Aries Street to pray against gun and gang violence.

On the evening of June 12, each community member who arrived held a lit candle in their hands.

Proceedings started with organiser Rashida Abrahams who welcomed the community.

Abrahams then delivered a heartrending speech, speaking about the gang violence occurring in Toekomsrus. She also spoke about the amount of lives lost related to gun violence, adding that the town is in desperate need of prayer.

Rashida Abrahams lighting one of the mothers’ candle.

She also claimed the corner of Diamond and Aries Streets is a hotspot for violence.

Thereafter, she called all mothers who had lost a son during the gun violence and a group of women came forward, carrying their candles. Abrahams lighted her own candle and then continued to light the candles of the mothers. The aim of this was to mourn along with the mothers for the loss of their children.

The community holds its candles for the lives lost to gun and gang violence.

Pastor Tommy Bouwers then preached about the condition in which Toekomsrus finds itself. He claimed that Toekomsrus is falling apart due to the violence which has recently been increasing.

Pastor Tommy Bouwers.

“My heart is bleeding for Toekomsrus. The many lives which have been lost to violence breaks my heart,” Bouwers stated.

The community gathers to mourn the lives lost due to gun and gang violence.

He continued the service by delivering a prayer.

Each community member who participated had the opportunity to light their candles whereafter they prayed in the street.

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