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Community asked to be on the lookout for Stompie

The eight-month-old Rottweiler went missing on June 8 and is missed.

The community is urged to be on the lookout for Stompie, a Rottweiler that went missing somewhere along the R28.

Helmien Viviers, Stompie’s owner, explained that they were driving to her son’s plot in Avalonia on June 8 to let Stompie run around. They last saw her at home while they were loading her into the bakkie.

Helmien noted they weren’t aware the flap of the bakkie was open and Stompie must have gotten out.

The map of the road they were travelling when Stompie got out. Photo supplied.

“When we arrived at the plot, we were completely shocked to see she wasn’t there when we opened the canopy. We have been searching for our Stompie ever since,” said Helmien.

She added Stompie is eight months old. She is friendly and would go to someone if they called her.

“Our hearts are broken, she was still small when we got her and she is so special. She used to sleep on the bed with us but now her space is empty.”

They are also offering a reward of R3 000 for the person who can bring Stompie home.

Any person who has seen Stompie can contact Helmien on 081 398 4354.

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