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Help the SOS Women and Children Foundation to protect

The SOS Women and Children are in dire need of donations to keep victims safe from abuse.

The SOS Women and Children Foundation is appealing to the community for donations to fight against abuse.

Senior director of the foundation, Veruschka van Aswegen, stated that they are in desperate need of donations to help women and children from abusive situations. The foundation needs:

• non-perishable food
• meat
• vegetables and fruit
• milk
• porridge

• diapers
• soap
• toothpaste
• toilet paper
• shampoo
• washcloths
• towels

The foundation is also in need of pastoral counsellors or psychologists to assist the victims of abuse. Van Aswegen added that they are in dire need of volunteers and ambassadors to give them a helping hand.

Van Aswegen confirmed that the SOS Woman and Children Foundation is an NPO for those who are abused mentally or physically by those close to them. She further stated that the foundation assists and supports the women and children in these situations by affording them the necessities to survive until the matter has been resolved.

“Domestic violence is any behaviour involving physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, or verbal abuse. It is any form of aggression intended to hurt, damage, kill or intimidate a person,” Van Aswegen said.

The foundation provides food, temporary accommodation, working with the relevant authorities, a 24/7 helpline and continuous support free of charge.

Anyone who can give any sort of donation can use the following banking details:

SOS Woman and Children Foundation
Account Number: 628 725 55910
Universal bank code: 250655
Branch code: 256955
Reference: Name and Surname.

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