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South African Heroes Awards 2024: Vote for your local hero

Vote for local hero Georgina and help her win at the 2024 South African Heroes Awards.

Community hero Georgina Mapule Mphatswe has entered the South African Heroes Awards 2024 and you can help her win.

She decided to enter the awards because she has been working for more than 10 years to assist the less fortunate. She believes that the community will support her during the awards, just as she supported them during their hardest times in life.

Georgina is the founder of the Mapule Mphatswe Foundation, bringing help to those who need it most. The foundation was started in 2008, but Georgina officially registered it in 2021. In February, Georgina celebrated her birthday by buying school shoes for the underprivileged children at Mohlakeng Primary School. According to her, she also spent her birthday celebrating it with the children.

She decided to buy school shoes along with school bags for the children at St John’s Orphanage Home in Zenzele.

Furthermore, she is also supporting the Mpheseriti Shelter in Perlzvale with her Christmas drive, buying groceries for the underprivileged residents as well as distributing clothes to them.

She mentioned that the Plot 17 community has been accepting her clothing donations and cooking for many years.

During her many acts of kindness, she added that she also buys clothing for the less fortunate individuals who stand at the traffic lights throughout the day. She also stated that she has been cooking food for them for the past three years.

“I enjoy being around and associating with the needy people. Helping them brings me so much joy in my spirit,” Georgina said.

Georgina herself derives from a family who struggled to make ends meet. Therefore, she promised herself that when she started working, she would help those who lacked the necessities.

“I want to be a leader in the community. I want to inspire and tell people that your past does not define you. You can make it in life by working hard,” she explained.

If you believe Georgina is the hero that South Africa needs, SMS SAHA GEORGINA to 47439.

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