How do I handle my neighbour?

Anonymous writes:

I’m hoping to get some advice on how to handle a neighbour who, for the past 30 years or so, has been accusing whoever works on my property that they are damaging her wall, when they do not even touch the boundary wall.

I feel so embarrassed that a gardener or worker on my property has to find out that the neighbours are not getting along.We did offer to pay half for the wall when it was put up, which they declined. Example ? when I had my driveway gates installed, she complained about the dust blowing onto her windows. I immediately stopped working  resulting in bad workmanship  just to avoid her taunts.

One weekend I wanted to place a garden pot against the wall, but again she complains to the guys who were doing it for me.I really am thinking of getting an interdict against her to make her realise how unacceptable her behaviour is.

This house does not belong to her, but to her unmarried brother who does not speak to us directly. Instead he leaves it to this ill-mannered woman who shouts and screams, making me feel so uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Please advise how I should handle this matter.

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