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Presidents who did the most for South Africa according to Pretoria residents.

Rekord is asking residents of Pretoria who their favorite president of South Africa was and why.


Nadi Kgagudi

Jacob Zuma
“He expanded social welfare programmes, including grants to vulnerable populations like the elderly and children and invested in infrastructure projects to improve roads, schools, and healthcare facilities. He pushed for policies aimed at increasing economic opportunities for black South Africans through empowerment initiatives.”


Nadine Vorster

Pieter Willem Botha
He kept South Africa nice and clean. During his time, there was no rubbish lying around, the grass wasn’t long and everything was nice and in place.”


Sbusiso Mnguni

Thabo Mbeki
He was one president who tried to bring the best healthcare to South Africa as far as HIV and AIDS is concerned as he was trying to come with the cure for it and never was in spotlight for stealing taxpayers’ money.”


Silvester Nyareli

Jacob Zuma
He stood for radical economic transformation. He introduced programmes to improve access to education, including building new schools, increasing funding for education and implemented programmes aimed at creating employment opportunities and reducing unemployment rates in South Africa.”


Stefan Potgieter

“There is a lot Cyril Ramaphosa wanted to do and what he could have done but he didn’t. In politics, they say a lot of things that they are going to do before they are elected but when they are, you find out those things are never done. When it is election time, that is when the government mostly works.”


Tumisho Hlakudi

Cyril Ramaphosa
“From a business point of view, he is doing the most as a president who was placed right before the biggest pandemic hit the country as some businesses are trying to recover from that under his leadership. I believe he can still do so much more if we can give him an extra five years.”


Elana Jacobs

Hendrik Verwoerd
“He led us out of the oppression of the British and established this nation. Interest rates were very low and fixed for instance. The economy was strong and there was no crime, you felt safe to walk the streets even at night and the inflation was up to nothing.”


Lethabo Matlala

Cyril Ramaphosa
“He made this country as better as it is today comparing to how it was before he took over. He led the country through its most difficult times as we once experienced a deadly virus, Covid 19.”

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