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Menlyn Mall formal taxi rank officially opened

The formal taxi rank inside the mall marks the end of the chaos and eyesore at the intersection for years.

Pretoria motorists and shoppers will now face fewer obstructions on Atterbury Road and Louis Avenue following the official opening of the Menlyn Park Shopping Centre formal taxi rank.

This comes after a taxi rank inside the mall parking lot was officially launched on Thursday, May 23, which will end the disorder that has characterised the intersection for years with taxi operations spilling over.

The Pretoria east giant shopping mall now boasts two taxi facilities that will accommodate around 135 standard mini-bus taxis and 18 larger long-distance mini-buses.

The taxi holding bay on P1 Parkade includes a comprehensive range of amenities such as wash bays, a driver’s administration office, food stalls and a rest area.

Food trading stalls are part and parcel of the rank as they solve the illegal hawking that used to occur on Lois Avenue.

The official launch of the strategic mobility initiative is a public and private sector collaboration between the Tshwane metro, Menlyn Park Mall, Menlyn Taxi Association (MTA) and Mamelodi Amalgamated Taxi Association (MATA).

For decades public transport operations at the intersection have been characterised by chaos and safety concerns as commuters had to stand in long queues on the side of the road whether it was raining or late at night.

Health concerns were raised on several occasions previously owing to the street hawkers outside the mall.

In recent years persistent crime threats have been linked with the informal taxi rank which has had an impact on motorists and shoppers, driving away countless customers and casting a shadow over the bustling commercial hub.

Yolanda Faro, Cilliers Brink and Katlego Mathebe

Tshwane mayor Cilliers Brink said following months of extensive negotiations with the Menlyn Park Shopping Centre and the leadership of the two taxi associations (facilitated by Tshwane), the centre has finally completed the construction of an additional taxi holding area inside the mall.

Brink said this is a milestone as a safety and crime concern has been addressed.

“This facility will make the centre pleasant as no more taxi spillages over the intersection. This means the shopping centre is no longer convenient for motorists only but also people using public transport can now shop and find their transport easily at the rank inside Parking 1.”

Brink said the launch of the taxi rank aligned with the city’s passion for the informal sector due to its job opportunities.

“However the informal sector also needs to be within the bounds of the rule of law. There have to be rules, that’s why we are also working with the Tshwane metro police to keep this place safe for commuters, taxi operators, staff and shoppers alike.”

He said he was delighted about this project.

“Finally the mall and the taxi associations have agreed to do what is best for its customers. Tshwane is very proud to have brokered the deal between the shopping centre and the local taxi associations.”

Brink thanked the taxi associations for their stability.

“Other taxi associations are characterized by violence, however, the associations in Tshwane, have been good and able to solve issues without involving violence.”

MMC for Roads and Transport Katlego Mathebe said “There will be no street taxi ranking and holding on the sidewalk as the Tshwane metro police (TMPD) will continue to monitor the area.”

She said the taxi rank at the mall would build up to a long-term and permanent intermodal public transport facility in the area.

“Investing in transport infrastructure is one of the fundamental responsibilities of the city to fully execute its service delivery mandate. Well-maintained transport infrastructure not only gives dignity to the users but also promotes health and safety standards,” Mathebe said.

Deputy chairperson of MTA David Ramatsetse said he was excited because not only commuters would be safe but taxi operators also.

“With this rank issues of road obstruction safety will be a thing of the past. Now we can operate in a well-organised manner.”

He said what the associations were fighting for was finally delivered.


“Since the inception of this mall, we have been fighting to be accommodated by the mall with no luck. Finally, our cries have not fallen on deaf ears.”

He said the taxi associations were fighting with the mall not because they liked it but because 70% of the customers at the mall used taxis and deserved to be treated with compassion as well.

“E-hailing was allowed inside the mall and our operations were not wanted and this is the reason we kept on fighting. So that our customers, who are also the customers of the mall, have a safe and convenient place to get transport.”

Ramatsetse said it was not safe for commuters as well as taxi operators to stand outside the mall even late at night.

“In December the mall closes at 23:00. So imagine customers had to go outside the mall to get transport, this was very unsafe for customers as well as operators. What if they climbed inside the wrong taxi, or what if our taxi operators were mugged while waiting for commuters.”

He said he was grateful that the mall finally reached an agreement.

“This is a new phase of the stale relationship. We will take care of this facility as it is nice and it accommodates our taxi drivers as they have a car wash inside the rank and chilling area where they can have their lunch.

We will look after this place and we are grateful to Tshwane for being a mediator between us and the mall owners.”

MTA chairperson Ben Moredi acknowledged and thanked the mall and Tshwane for this rank.

Malose Kekana group CEO of Pareto Limited, owner of the shopping centre, said this collaboration underscores their commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive urban environment.

“The Menlyn Park taxi rank project represents a paradigm shift in how public and private sectors collaborate for the benefit of the community. Our commitment is to provide superior customer experience.”

Kekana said this rank would solve the eyesore situation that had been happening for many years.

“The rank addresses the traffic challenges associated with Lois Avenue and it enhances the lives of Tshwane residents while also fostering economic growth.

Nisha Kemraj, general manager of the shopping centre, in turn, said, “Menlyn Park’s commitment goes beyond addressing current pain points. It envisions a future where urban development is both responsive and proactive, catering to the evolving needs of our community by providing safe, dignified, universally accessible facilities and setting a precedent for others to follow.”

Mayor greeting the taxi drivers

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