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Be your own boss, says young farmer, Dominic

Dominic Hulisani Mmbengwa is making significant strides in farming, against all odds and supplies locals and supermarkets with butternuts

LIMPOPO – A local young farmer, Dominic Hulisani Mmbengwa, is making significant strides in farming, against all odds. Born and bred at Ha-Manngo village in Nzhelele, Mmbengwa said he became interested in farming in February. “I was told that youths are mostly needed in farming and I have the space, that’s why I decided to venture into it. My parents encouraged me a lot to start farming,” he added.

The 22-year-old Mmbengwa explained that he started planting butternuts due to financial constraints, but in future he will do crop rotation if he receives financial assistance.”Farming is my first love. I’m the youngest person in the scheme that we use,” he said. He currently leases two hectares. His major challenge is not having enough money to buy manure and to pay for water at the scheme.

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He appeals to anyone who can help him. “I want to see myself as one of the best farmers in Limpopo. I’m currently supplying local people and supermarkets with butternuts. My advice to young people is that, if you feel that there are no job opportunities, be your own boss. Government and companies cannot employ everyone, so start your own business,” he said.

For financial assistance and farming-related matters, contact him at 079 916 4789.


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