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PEMPS karatekas get graded

Six PEMPS learners took part in a karate grading ceremony to advance to the next belt, some advanced to an orange belt while the others advanced to yellow.

POLOKWANE – Pietersburg English Medium Primary School (PEMPS) learners recently attended a grading event on June 8.

Mayyas Karate Club, which is an affiliate of the Amateur Shotokan Karate Association (Aska), had a grading ceremony for 10 of their karatekas to advance to the next belt.

Six of the learners were from PEMPS, while four were from Prenora English Medium Preparatory School in Seshego.

Of the karatekas from PEMPS, four graded to orange belt while the others advanced to yellow.

Their instructor, senpai Retha van Rensburg said she is proud of the karatekas for achieving such good scores.

“I am so proud of them and they excel in what they are doing. They put in a lot of effort, sincerity and hard work,” she said.

Van Rensburg urged the karatekas to continue putting in the work as the next stage is the green belt and it requires thorough preparation.

“They need to have knowledge of the basics, it is the most important part of karate and self-defence,” she said.

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