Step Up Talk the new talk of the town on the social front

Mmakgomo Malatji launched Step Up Talk with Mmakgomo brand in an exquisite set up at the Protea Hotel The Ranch on 25 May.

POLOKWANE – The occasion coincided with her 26th birthday and her close family and friends, came to not only celebrate her life, but to also support the bright future Step Up Talk with Mmakgomo promises.

Step Up Talk with Mmakgomo initiative was founded in 2016 in an effort to get young people in one place to talk about things that affect them in their daily lives.

Step Up Talk with Mmakgomo has since done a lot for the community… she explained: “Step Up Talk is my thing. I wanted to step up and talk about the things that society doesn’t want to. Self limiting talk must end, we must build and guide each other. I am trying to build a country of peace and individuality. It’s not just for me, it’s for your children and your children’s children,” she said.

Mmakgomo also focuses on mentoring and visits schools to speak to young people. She is also aware of her surroundings adding that she does not have the answers to everything and she is not too proud to ask for assistance or refer people to the relevant people who can assist with their problems.

“I often get testimonials from young people who were helped through the talks… it gave them that push that they needed to stop doubting themselves,” she explained.

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