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New regulations for renewing vehicle licences

Vehicle owners in South Africa will need to produce proof of residence in order to renew their car licence since a new law was implemented in November last year.

According to Regulation 32A of the National Road Traffic Regulations Act, anyone who wishes to transact with a licensing authority and the NaTIS System will have to provide proof of their residence.

The regulation authorises the refusal of the issuing of a licence disc if a person has not provided proof of their physical and postal address.

The following information will have to be provided in order to register vehicles, renew licence discs and driving licenses:

Full names,

Date of birth,

Identity number and Business registration number (if applicable),

along with any form of acceptable identification,

as well as proof of postal and residential address by means of any utility account.

If the applicant is not the person in whose name the utility account is issued, the person in whose name the utility account is issued must make an affidavit or affirmation declaring that the person resides at the address and the affidavit or affirmation must be accompanied by the utility account of that person.

Persons who live in an informal settlement need to provide a letter with an official date stamp from the ward councillor confirming the postal and residential address.

In addition, people must also complete an NCP form available at all licensing authorities or online.


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