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Delmas First is back to restore town to its former glory

“For our community to become a better one, it will require effort from all. Let us continue to work together and take Delmas forward; let’s invite all to participate.”

The voluntary group of Delmas First kicked off a brand new programme with a revamp of the Delmas Taxi Rank on June 7.

They cleaned the taxi rank situated on Sarel Cilliers Street, removed the rubble and received a fresh coat of paint.
The icy wind and extreme cold did not deter the volunteers who helped with this project.

The mayor of the Victor Khanye Local Municipality, Vusi Buda and the speaker, Henry Ngoma, assisted in the cleanup programme. Buda himself lent his hand to a bit of paintwork.

Buda thanked the representatives who participated in the day’s events.

“Thank you to Gossa, Delmas Herleef, the Valke Neighbourhood Watch, everyone here today and the sponsors of much-needed resources that made this project possible,” said Buda.

This planned and ongoing upgrade of our town will be in conjunction with organisations like Delmas First, Delmas Herleef and the municipality.

“We realise that cleanliness has become a problem in Sarel Cilliers Street.”

Buda further said VKLM plans a meeting on May 11 whereby the leading stakeholders and VKLM’s technical teams will identify and prioritise projects on the way forward.

Buda admitted to the current bad state of Sarel Cilliers Street, the absence of working streetlights and potholes.

A volunteer of Delmas First gives the taxi rank in Delmas a cleanup.

“We all should strive towards a clean and lovable town. The only way to achieve this is by working together. With Delmas being the centre of so many provinces, we are committed to making our town a better place and welcoming visitors and investors back into Delmas, ” Buda concluded.

“Thank you to the Gossa Foundation, Delmas Herleef, Delmas First, as well as all the businesses that contributed with work or sponsorship. From today we will make this a regular setting to work together to upgrade our town,” Ngoma added.

“We will require effort from all to make our community a better one. Let us continue to work together and take Delmas forward. Invite all to participate because Delmas is for everyone who lives here,” Ngoma concluded.

This cleanup project followed after a meeting held in the VKLM boardroom on May 6. Representatives from business owners, mine entrepreneurs, the security sector and many more attended.

The cleaning of the Delmas taxi rank in Sarel Cilliers Street by Delmas First.

Thabo Motau led the meeting after he apologised for his long absence. Motau said he received a phone call from Henry Masilela from Gossa Holdings.

“He told me that the situation in Delmas is conducive to resuming the work of Delmas First. The town of Delmas is dilapidating, and we all have a duty. The high levels of unemployment are yet another concern.”

Motau, a mine owner in Delmas, said he spoke to other mines in the area that agreed to commit resources such as graders, tippers and other equipment needed for the planned projects.

“As a Delmas-born and raised citizen, I want to lead by example.”

Motau said the programmes will not focus on Delmas town only but will be balanced through the different areas.

“With infrastructure collapsing, Delmas First as a non-political organisation will meet with the municipality on a plan for how to work together in future.”

He also encouraged the different security sectors to inform Delmas First about the hardships they are going through in fighting crime.

“We are aware that crime is also a concern in town.”

A local radio station, even a possible own television channel, and the upliftment of shop fronts in Sarel Cilliers Street with a specific overall design in mind were just some of the ideas shared over the boardroom table.

“Delmas is a ‘dorp’ with different cultures like agriculture, mining and we also have people with great Ndebele and other art skills. Let us start to implement and reflect on that.”

Motau also stated he and a selected team will look into possible investments in Delmas.

“We are, in the long term, aiming to create employment and to be able to source among ourselves.”

Motau identified a core team to coordinate and run the planned feature structure of Delmas First.

“Delmas First remains the platform that enables us to transform our town. Let us work towards the future of a better Delmas for all.”

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